An ADHD blog about everything

First and foremost, I created this blog for me. You may find it messy, disorganized, and lacking a common theme. Welcome to my life.

Yes, I am rich, but not necessarily the 1st definition (not yet anyway). I still work a full time job off and on because I enjoy so much about it. Like when I encounter creative blocks, laziness, or a lack of direction, all I need do is pick up my toolbox and join thousands of other electricians in a daily grind. That usually sets me straight.

 I have launched many business over the last few years, some of which have been very successful, and others… well you get the point. I am a real sucker for adventure, so my fiancee and I have spent the last few years travelling the world without leaving our full time jobs. I do not subscribe to the old fashioned idea of working for 40 years to retire and live your life. We are responsible for creating the life we want to live each and every day, so get out there, make a splash, and do something that matters.

My Little Empire

Starting businesses is one of my truest passions, and I’ve been doing it since I was eight years old. Below is a list of some of my current keystone projects. They are businesses and brands that I am actively managing, growing, and enjoying. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Influence Academy is currently my primary focus. Through this company we have helped our clients to connect with more than 3.5 million followers, fans, and customers. My role is to constantly find new ways of helping my clients to grow their audience, create amazing content, and find new customers. We invent a lot of our own strategies, which keeps us ahead of the curve.

The Million Dollar Server is the first business that I set out to create. It was the beginning of my entrepreneurial career and the business that allowed me to learn many of the skills I now use to start brands.

The Canadian Project was my first major marketing success. We sell apparel to raise funds that support social causes in Canada. With front page headlines, endorsement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and massive Reddit traffic, this Social Non Profit holds a special place in my heart.

More Than Matcha started off as a 24-hour business building experiment and grew into one of my favourite projects. The entire thing was created in under 24 hours of work. We drive traffic from social media to a simple e-commerce page where we sell our creatively branded Matcha green tea. Couldn’t be more simple.

Step by Step Pro DJ is the only company listed here that I did not create myself. One of my best friends, and fellow DJ’s Shawn Walsh taught me how to DJ many years ago. When he decided to break out on his own, he asked me to come with him and help him start his own company. it’s been a pleasure working with him on this project.

The Blog

I like to write from time to time. Sometimes i’ll write stories, sometimes articles, sometimes tutorials, and sometimes nonsense.

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    My name is Richard Allan Cosh, and this is my blog. I created it to inspire and motivate you (my readers) the same way I have been inspired and motivated by my favourite authors, entrepreneurs, and generally extraordinary people. Does this mean I'm extraordinary? Well, not really. I pride myself

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