The Road to Failure

Written by richard

I’ve been lying to myself… but today I am choosing to tell the truth… I have failed.

I am 25 years old, I have loads of debt, no career, no job, and to top it off, I live with my girlfriend’s parents… I’ve been telling myself that “it” is just around the corner. I JUST need to keep doing more of what I am doing and eventually “it” will come. If I just read a few more books, if I just try a new idea, if I just get a few more… I am stuck on a hamster-wheel of failure with barely enough energy to walk.

I had a career once, as an electrician. It paid a lot of money, gave me good experience and everyone told me it was a great career to have, yet I was never truly happy in it. It was never my calling, my dream, or my passion. I knew it after only 3 years of working in the trades that there was something else calling out to me.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but it was my calling, my destiny, or my life’s task. The calling was physical, emotional, and spiritual. It felt far off and distant, yet so strong there was no mistaking it’s presence. Like the immense gravity the earth feels from the Sun, my life’s task was calling to me, pulling me far away from the familiar, comfortable world.

I answered my calling by stepping out of my comfort zone. Way out. I left my job and started searching for something more than just a paycheck. I realized quickly that to be successful, I would need new knowledge and new skills, so I hacked my education together with books, seminars, and podcasts from some of the world’s smartest people. To put it simply, I wanted to become legendary. Not for fame, fortune or ego, but because I was learning how large a contribution I was capable of making to this beautiful world.

I think most of us are imbedded with the drive to do the best we can do, so I set out to truly real-ise this.

Before long I had begun compiling the advice of the world’s best and brightest into my own virtual apprenticeship. Their books, videos, and comments had answers to just about any question I could have thought to ask them, so it was as though they were right in front of me. Although I had never met any of them, I had equipped myself with a panel of incredibly bright minded people. The difficulty, of course, was translating their advice into my present situation.

Next was my coming out, but not like that. I had to convince myself that I was truly capable of achieving my wildest dreams. This meant enrolling myself, and the world, in the possibility that I, an ordinary individual, could in fact become legendary. This is where I, and many others, have met with outstanding resistance, and failure.

I foolishly expected the world to jump out and greet my new vision with open arms, but this was not the case. They call it a grind because you are literally grinding furiously against the grain, carving out your own path, causing friction in relationships, and withering yourself down to your core. That is why your desire to succeed must reside your core, because when you’re done grinding, it will be the only part of you left.

Your why must be so fundamentally deep that it is mirrored with your desire to survive. You have to want it as bad as you want to breathe. You have to want it as bad as you want to be loved. Your desire, your drive, your why; it must reside so deep within in your soul that it gives power to every other part of you.

So I grind. I hustle. I fail. I lose friends who hold me back, I argue with family that disagrees. I fail. I reprogram my mind with affirmations and build new habits that are in harmony with my new goals. I fail. I start conversations with strangers and try new things. I fail. I start my first, second, and third business ideas, and I fail with each one. Then finally I find an idea that sticks and I build some momentum and finally, it fails.

I get smarter, I fail. I get stronger, I fail. I become more Rich, I fail. No matter what I try in life, I seem to always fail.

And then finally, an epiphany.

Failure is Success.

To be more accurate, failure is the first step along the path to success. It is trial, experimentation, and education. In that sense, each failure is indeed it’s own success. Each no gets you one step closer to a yes.

Now re-read this post, but this time, replace each failure with success.

I have been lying to myself… but today I am choosing to tell the truth. I have succeeded.

I Am Rich.
I invite you to join me,
and Become Legendary.

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